Mentor & Match: Mentoring In The 21st Century

Mentor & Match is a virtual mentor networking platform where community college students are paired and “matched” with college professionals based on interest, major, and college choice, and key related attributes.

Mentor & Match can increase retention, engagement, and graduation rates. Perfect as a student equity program, Mentor & Match gives community colleges the opportunity to change the college culture where everyone is considered a student success ambassador and takes ownership of student success. Utilizing the Guided Pathways model, Mentor & Match can be effective with and revolutionize:

  • First Year Experience Programs
  • College Promise Programs
  • Formerly Incarcerated
  • and…The Entire Campus Community

Engagement Data

Mentor Program Data At The Tip Of Your Fingers

Mentor & Match virtual networking software allows you to be informed of mentoring trends at your college/institution. Connect with mentor and mentees seamlessly. Watch your program grow utilizing real data from your college.

  • Send Push Notification to One or ALL Participants
  • Disaggregate Users by Personal Attributes
  • Identify Best Practices for your Mentoring Program

Download the Mentor & Match Connect Mobile Application

Take Mentoring on the Go!


Enhance Student Engagement

Engage students in a flexible space where they are comfortable to enhance interaction

Strengthen Community

When everyone is seen as a valuable contributor, the community of the college is strengthened

Increase Persistence

Bolster student persistence by connecting with them in a mentoring environment built with them in mind

Boost Graduation Rates

Bolster graduation rates by creating mentoring space for students and employees

Connect with Students

Mentor networking is how students want to be engaged in the 21st century

Cross Cultural Mentoring

Culturally relevant mentoring in a time where mentoring has no culture








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