Mentor & Match provides an access point for students to speak privately with members of their student support teams. Student services staff can virtually instruct students and walk them through complex problems.

An increase of appointment effectiveness and efficiency is accomplished when both mentee (student) and mentor (professional) has access to the data necessary for a successful meeting. Mentor and mentees can now meet face-to-face with all students regardless of location.

Mentor & Match takes student information protection very seriously.

No one will have access to, nor will we disclose any information from, a student educational record without the written consent of the student.

The only exceptions: “school official with legitimate educational interests,” to authorized representatives of the federal and state governments for audit and evaluation of federal and state supported programs, or other provisions outlined by the FERPA Document.

Our platform is developed with security in mind. We encrypt and secure all files hosted on Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) S3 Service.

All Mentor & Match server certificates are signed by a recognized Certificate authority (DigiCert) and we use 256-bit SSL encryption for all web communication.

All communication amongst the database, application, and authentication servers is also conducted via secure connections.